Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I heard on the news today that a doctor at a Johannesburg hospital allegedly raped a patient at the hospital's rape centre! So this woman was raped, and then the doctor who was supposed to help her and care for her, violated her. It's too shocking for me to accept that this sort of thing can happen. Even in South Africa.


rlbates said...

Very sad no matter where it happens.

Jabulani said...

We've had 2 incidents here where children have died because the social services assigned to their care and welfare weren't actually doing their jobs. Allegations hell ... there are 2 lifeless babies lying on slabs whilst the bureaucracy passes blame from one hand to another, like it's a rugby ball!! It's not just SA Amanzimtoti, it happens in UK too. However, irrespective of where it happens, it's unacceptable.