Friday, May 22, 2009

Foot-in-mouth disease

I was assisting in threatre today and we were doing laparascopic work. We were using a new system from a guy whose equipment we've used before - and this guy is really panicky on a good day. So today he actually had to be somewhere else, so he had someone else come to theatre (I think she's his rep or something) to see that there weren't any glitches. So at a stage, the surgeon tells this rep to phone the guy and tell him the screen is not working, the surgeon is screaming and that all hell has broken loose, basically.

She says she's a bit nervous do that because she's still rather new. So the anesthetist (who is just as bad as the surgeon, if not worse) volunteers to do it. He dials and the surgeon says "tell me when you're speaking to him and I'll start shouting". He chuckles menacingly. The guy answers and he puts the call on speaker phone.

He tells him that nothing is working and that nobody knows how to fix it. The surgeon timeously shouts "I can't work under these conditions!". The anesthetist goes on to say that his rep has been reduced to tears.

"I knew I should have come myself" he says, "I knew she couldn't handle it!"

The theatre explodes with laughter and he realises he's been had. He says something about the surgeon always trying to unnerve him. We all laugh.

Everyone except his rep that is ;)


Bongi said...

surgeons can be so cruel!!

p.s the way i remember it, the rep was laughing too.

amanzimtoti said...

Really? I didn't see her laughing. She looked rather embarrassed to me.