Monday, October 29, 2007


I saw a patient the other day who complained of penile pain. I asked
about a discharge (or 'drop' as it's known here. I have no idea why
it's called that but drop it is), but no. I tried urinary symptoms.
No. On further enquiry he admitted to only having this pain after
eating spicy foods. Of course my immediate response was WHAT? Ok, I
only thought that. I asked if he was sure about this. He was adamant.
I was baffled. I examined him - NAD. I checked his urine - nothing. I
decided to just go with paracetomol. His wife was with him and I did
consider asking if he had this problem when he ate spicy foods or when
she did. But I decided to let it go.

Any ideas?


Bongi said...

doesn't wash his chilli covered hands before handling the family jewels???

amanzimtoti said...


make mine trauma said...

I agree with Bongi, that was my first thought!